Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Writer's Megaphone introduces Spoken Word Artist Barry Mowles

Barry Mowles


Our modern world is changing, and everyone is busy blaming the youth of today;
But how can we blame the future, when it was us who made their world this way.
Our street corners are full, as our children think that it’s okay to walk into the darkness with a knife;
When did we stop teaching our kids that the greatest ever gift, is quite simply LIFE.
Footballers earning a million pound a month, whilst children in Africa sit crying their hunger pain;
Pier pressure is weighing down our future generations, as they begin to buckle under the strain.
Our children are now living in a virtual world, with MSN, Facebook and Twitter, they no longer need to speak face to face;
If only they knew time was so valuable, and a lost childhood is the one thing that no one could ever replace.
Girls desperate to be thin, as their air brushed idols kneel at the toilet throwing up their breakfast, lunch and tea;
A silent generation sits texting on the latest mobile, whilst playing their PS3.
Faces hide behind hoodies, but not all youngsters want to go out and cause a riot;
Each of us is born with a hidden gift, but our future children have just forgotten how to find it.
We are leaving a broken planet to our children’s children, whilst our Governments just spout hot air, adding to our global warming;
With the worlds ice caps still melting, and our wildlife slowly disappearing, this is starting to sound more like a global warning.
Older generations demand respect, but its one way traffic, as respect back is something they do not show;
Instead of teaching our children how to fly, we tie them down with yet another ASBO.
Frustration and neglect flows through the streets of this concrete jungle, the one place that we now all call our home;
Bullies and racists still torture their victims, leaving them to cry in the shadows, all on their own.
Plastic surgery changing bodies, changing faces, as the years pass the dreams we all had as children slowly fade away;
Before long the dawn of a new generation will begin, and no doubt people will still be blaming,
The youth of today.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Books from RadiKal Publications - Empowering Women Everywhere!!

The Diva Herself - Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans

Live Life RadiKally
Mid Hour

Movement is Medicine

Mrs Boss

The books of RadiKal Publications!!

The Kidnapper & The Kings Kid

Diva Unleashed
I Came To Win

Lessons Learned

The Writer's Megaphone shouts out Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans

Everyone knows that victims of abuse come in different shapes, sizes and doesn't adhere to race or ethnic background.  We know that some abuse victims remain victims while others move on to bigger and better things. Sometimes, the bigger and better may be something as simplistic as getting away from the abuser.  Others may view going on to bigger and better by forging a safe environment for their children and bettering themselves.  There are the rare few that decide that they have to make it their personal mission to change not only their individual circumstances, but the circumstances of the people around them. 

I met Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans two years ago at a literary event hosted in Claymont, Delaware.  I picked up one of her books, read it, and decided to conduct a formal interview with her since the subject matter held my attention with riveting, graphic detail.

As a man, I think that the idea that any man would raise his hand to a woman is incomprehensible.  As an advocate, I tend to think that this type of display of lack of self-control is cowardly...even if the woman may deserve it.  What I mean by that is simple; anyone can push you to the edge of violence.  Ultimately, it's what you do with yourself when placed in that situation which dictates the kind of person that you are as well as what you ultimately will become.

I read Ms. Hogan's book, "Twisted Pleasures" with a sense of sadness and disbelief.  It is within those pages that she describes her own experiences of domestic violence.  She takes her readers on a journey that sadly, may be the reality of many women across the country.

What earned my respect is that underneath the glamor lies the heart of survivor; a woman that has survived being sexually abused as a child...a woman that has survived domestic violence...a woman that has survived several miscarriages...and through it all, she managed to put on her stilettos and keep it moving forward.

Instead of allowing her circumstances to dictate who she was to become, she became an entrepreneur releasing several books under her publishing company entitled, "RadiKal Publications."  She has played the role of mother, editor, mentor, comforter and business woman while at times not knowing where she was going to lay her head down at night.

It is my honor and privilege to introduce Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans as an entrepreneur that is on the move.  She is a motivational speaker, publisher, author, survivor and now...friend.

You can obtain her books at her website below:


Is this personal?  Yes.  Is it warranted?  Absolutely!  Is it deserved?  Beyond a shadow of a doubt!!

~ J.L. Whitehead

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Introducing Poet Luella Hill-Dudley

"Just Listen To Me"

Listen to me dude
now we are two black men
where is your dignity at man?
talking out the side of your neck man?
no man I am trying to school you man
on the integrity of black man
don't let them put you in a box man!
I count on you young men to raise the bar
of standard of who we are?
your pigmentation is not your identification
You identify yourself by your characteristic
You identify yourself by the way you enter a room
You identIfy yourself with eye contact
to let them know the man is up!
I need you to set an example to the world
All black brothah's ain't bad
there are still some of us live our lives as men of standard
We may be the boyz out the hood
but the hood is not my definition of who I am!
Nor does your fashion attire
Man pull up your pant
I don't need to be looking at all that
save that for your woman
Man listen to me
sometime people are intimidated
by the present of a black man
because they see the power in us
but we do not execute the power within
so that our young boyz in the hood
have greater choices than running to gangs
to be the place that bridge the gap in their life
Just listen to me man
your are powerful 
in body and mind
use it man! use it!
Just listen to me.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coming this weekend...one on one with Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans

Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans has been abused, let down and disappointed by many, but she managed to turn tragedy into triumph by starting her own publishing company entitled, "RadiKal Publications."

Read the true story of how one woman who could have been a statistic strives to make a difference in this world as an author, mentor and entrepreneur!

~ J.L. Whitehead

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