Friday, February 5, 2016



You were a part of me long before we physically met.
How else can you explain a bond that formed so quickly and lasted for so long?
You were everything…more than I could ever allow myself to dream.
And you gave everything, even when you had nothing left to give.

You made me believe in forever, even when forever seemed lost.
It was never lost, only changing into what God had intended us to be.
For awhile, your smile lit up my world, engulfed my heart and spun me,
pitching me back and forth until I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be.

You were and always will be.
I will see your face in the kiss of the moon, wrapped in a blanket of stars.
I will feel your embrace in the warmth of the sun as it slips into the twilight of night.
I will hear your voice in the gentle whisper of the wind.

I’ll know it’s you.  You won’t have to tell me.
No one will.
Because I was yours when you said “Hello” all those years ago.
Just as you were mine up until we changed.

I will love you forever, for you taught me that love is lifelong.
I would never have believed it had we never met.
So until we see each other again,
I will listen for you, in the gentle whisper of the wind.



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