Sunday, June 16, 2019

It's time to walk in hope again!

We knew who Donald Trump was before we elected him.  We knew that he had questionable morals and that he didn't believe in loyalty to anyone...not his wife; not his office; not his one...except maybe himself.

We know that power can corrupt an individual.  Power can also bring out the best in you...and it can also bring out the worst in you.

No one can argue that our current president was and is a person that is used to being surrounded by "yes" people and that he was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth.

We knew all of these things...and we elected him anyway.

As a result, we shouldn't be surprised of how he runs our government.  It shouldn't come as no surprise that nothing is getting done in congress.

"We are to treat each other with love and kindness with the rightful expectation that we should receive love and kindness in return despite our differences."  ~ J.L. Whitehead

I purposely took some time away from this blog to allow my mind to as it may.  I needed time away from Trump and Trumpism.  I feel like I've been on a bad roller coaster ride for the last two years and now I need time to get off.  I was living life through Trump and his tweets.  Now I'm looking at life through the lens of goodness, kindness and gratitude.

Life is about how we live as well as who we are.  We are to treat each other with love and kindness with the rightful expectation that we should receive love and kindness in return in spite of our differences.

 We have been fed a steady diet of hatred and division for two years...more if you count the civil rights era.  We have been forced to see hatred for what it is and thankfully, most of us reject it.  Still, there are those that make the deliberate choice to hate and embrace it because it anchors who they are as well as who they perceive themselves at being.

We need to understand that hatred is and will always be something that will crumble.  It will fall because you cannot keep your foot on the neck of people that deserve the same opportunities that this land has to offer.  No man has the right to take away the rights of his fellow man simply because they may not look like  you, worship like you, love like you or speak like  you.

Equality is not oppression even if it feels like that to you.

Instead, it is the opportunity to learn, understand and share in differences that make us delightfully human.  We can rejoice in our differences and understand what makes us who we are.

This sounds like a wish that will never come true because America has a track record of murdering the leaders that promoted messages of love, empowerment and equality.  But simply because we are witness to this doesn't mean that we have to accept it.

We have tried to succeed by allowing the worst in us to run rampant.  It is now time to allow the best in us to move forward and take his/her seat at the table.  Just keep in mind that the best in us will be up for a fight...a nasty, dirty bloody fight.

But I also believe that it is a fight that we will win.

So my's time to walk in hope again.

We got this!

~ J.L. Whitehead

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