Monday, June 12, 2017

Who Is This Man?

I have never been as aware of politics as I am in this moment.  Perhaps it is because I am watching history being made.  Maybe it's because I have never seen a president like this come to power and be devoid of basic characteristics of human decency like the ability to empathize with others that are  not like him.  Perhaps it is because I am very much against the policies that this president is making.  Or maybe I have never seen someone so consumed with the role that they currently occupy that it astounds me at how much he has or has not accomplished in the short amount of time that he has been president.

Many people refuse to even acknowledge that he is indeed the president of the United States.  Many refer to him as "45", representational of the number of presidents that have had the privilege to govern this country.

I watch this man and I shake my head because every time he says or does something, he proves that he is not fit to run this country.  Some of you would disagree with me and for those of you that do, you are entitled to.  After all, this is a free country and we are entitled to free speech; and since this is my platform, I can express my opinion in the way that I see fit.

Trump has bothered me long before he came to power.  He bothered me because he seemed to be a person that is full of himself and had little empathy for his fellow man.  He bothered me in the same way that any billionaire who has no concept of what it is like to struggle or live paycheck to paycheck would.  He has always painted himself in the image of someone who is above everyone else around him.

He has done little to change that image.  In fact, if anything, he has said and done things to exacerbate it.  Mr. Trump is flawed.  This we can all agree on.  But the flaws in his character run so deep and it is counter to what the characteristics of a president should embody that you have to wonder who sees this.  And for his supporters, why are they willing to turn a blind eye to a man that is so consumed with self that he can't seem to govern for all people.

Yes, I said it.  All people.  As the president of the United States, you cannot just create rules, regulations and policies that would help the people that support you.  That is not the role that you signed up for.  Nor can you ignore the constitution which he seems to do on a regular basis.

His budget, if it passes, will hurt the poor the most.  His policies will help the super wealthy maintain their wealth and the lifestyle that comes with it even if it is at the expense of the middle class.

The image that he paints of himself is someone that is arrogantly self-assured despite that fact that he craves praise and adoration as much as a newborn craves his mothers milk.

He needs loyalty because that is how someone with those defects of character navigate the waters of society.  He needs to know that people will put him first and above all others even if it means that they have to compromise their personal values to do so.

I am not a fan of the president.  Perhaps I never will be.  And the reason is very simple:

You cannot be the leader of the free world and govern for only a small percentage of the country that took an oath to serve.  You cannot stand for the suppression of the rights of people that form a portion of our society.  You cannot create legislation that will benefit people like you...people that share your societal circle and ignore the people that don't.

So who is this man?  Take an honest look.  Take a good hard look and ask yourself if this is someone that really represents your values as a citizen of the United States.

~ J.L. Whitehead

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