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The Writer's Megaphone shouts out Spoken Word/R&B Performer, Shivice Brown

"Just Wanna Be Heard"

It takes a special person to overcome adverse circumstances and turn it into treasure.  It takes an extraordinary person to pursue a dream, capture it, and intertwine a message of redemption and empowerment so that no woman should have to endure what she endured.

As most of you may know, I have a soft spot for a woman who finds the courage to leave a circumstance that could have easily gone in a different direction.  This particular woman didn't just survive, she surpassed and excelled.  If you click on the links included with this piece, you will know what I mean.  Spoken Word/R&B Artist Shivice Brown is enjoying the good life now, but one look into her baby browns and you will see that there is tenderness blended with toughness.  Life had not always been so sweet for this woman.

Shivice Brown

She tells her story to anyone that will listen, giving voice to millions of women that have been the victims of rape, sexual molestation and physical abuse.   The lyrics on her debut CD are graphic, filled with emotion multiplied to the tenth power.  You can almost see the tears cascading from her eyes as she glides from song to song effortlessly.

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It's not the fact that she survived her issues with domestic abuse and lived to tell about it.  It's not even that she pursued her musical career and produced a CD.  It is the fact that she managed to marry the two subjects at hand, lending her voice to all women who find themselves in circumstances that they never thought that they would find themselves in.

In April, 2011, I interviewed four women for The Examiner publication asking them to describe in full detail their own personal issues with domestic violence and abuse.  Shivice Brown was one of the participants on the panel.  Enclosed, you will find the links to the 3 part series entitled, "What goes on in the mind of a battered woman?"




Being that she is a spoken word artist, Ms. Brown thought it prudent to present to us the lyrics to one of the songs featured on her CD.  The lyrics are powerful as you will soon see.

And as a result of all of this, I am proud to shout out Spoken Word/R&B artist, Shivice Brown!

Save Me
As I look at 34 years of my life, I look at a rescue team of angels encamping all around me waiting and blocking bullets, blockin’ thoughts and drama and unforgiveness my mama, standing in the need of prayer with the business at hand planning for her daughter to be there. 

What I have allowed is the very thing that you will forgive BUT you have to go through this rest yes! the very thing that you will attest. 

 I am a God that do not lie so why cry, why be concerned why ask why?

 Your past is created to be burned, be lived in and not repeated, be a reality and not a formality yet you say your life is hopeless, helpless, useless, feelin unblessed. See whatever I create, I touch, I formed is the best.
But God why little ole’ me I have done everything that was against your will… Yes but when you look to the hills from which cometh my help you see a wealth cultivating, insinuating some may say even saturating a peace that passeth all understanding.

But …but.. but I don’t have the ability to be what you want me to because everything that is  in me is  a dark past of some enemies .

See… see… see I’m not equipped to make this trip and.. and.. and.. I’m not finished cause I want to still dip and dive and while we are talking GOD you messin up my high. I will ask you save me another time and by the way where were you when I needed to be saved in my mind instead you comin to me while I’m on cloud 9. 

I was raped I was beaten I was heatin’ up a space of defeatin.

A Red fiery heart not taking part in love or emotions just hopin’ that I catch the bastard that bust me open stole my virginity which feels like for infinity. Yes!,, but let me make you a place to be a friend of me for eternity. I chasten who I love so why not began with me.

 Well I say try me, lets walk to this sacred place where I say that you will learn about your very essence in the process of being a blessin. I will make it as if it never happened so that you will tell your testimony and not selling your body in exchange for  money.

You are already an over comer you are more than a conqueror So that your life will be what I planned, a destiny , a place of a beautiful man to become your king but please wait on your master.
I can show you how I feel for you faster than what your king can. “I am a jealous GOD” that’s what he says to me.   

But As I live in this place of danger a space of pollution resting in a race of no dilution.

I think my thoughts are provided a place for pollution you know like New York air causing asthma and never the solution?!. 

My mind is a warp zone for the streets to become just a yellow tape with white stripes.
Why Lord is my life such in turmoil of dilution and no solution in all this pollution.

God please save me cause I’m about to birth some children of anger, rage, hatred, malice, unforgiveness a generation of maturation while my mind is going thru this situation.

GOD Please Save me! Save me GOD! Forgive me! Create in me a clean heart and renew the right spirit within me. Blot out my transgressions and my iniquities. GOD please Save me!!!! 

But most of all what I need you to do is … SAVE ME!!! FROM ME!!!

To find out more about Shivice Brown, click on the link below!

~ J.L. Whitehead

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