Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Writer's Megaphone puts author and entrepreneur Krystol Diggs on a positive blast!

I've had the honor and privilege of sharing an acquaintance with author Krystol Diggs.  We've known each other for several years, meeting by chance online when we were both at a crossroads in our career path.  I knew about her book, Through Her Eyes, and there were many times when I wondered what was going to become of her.

As time went by, I was pleased to find out that she not only continued to write, she actually started her own publishing company.  I sat back and watched as she put out books, continued her schooling, looked for work and became a woman that would not only make doing it all her mantra; it became her life.  There is a saying that goes a, "A writer, writes." This saying holds true for any author that is in the literary industry for the joy of writing and not to make money!

Krystol Diggs
Ms. Diggs formed  Krystol Diggs Publishing and released several titles under her brand; a feat that is no easy accomplishment in this highly competitive industry.  The key to success is somewhat simplistic...you don't give up.  No matter how many knocks you take, you get back up and keep it moving forward.

She took a moment to answer several questions about herself, and I for one am so glad that she did.  The Writer's Megaphone is proud to put Krystol Diggs on a positive blast!

JLW:  We initially met several years ago, and as a fellow author, I've watched you spread your wings and grow within the literary industry.  What have been some of your triumphs and pitfalls?

KD:  Some pitfalls have been trying to decide what is best for me as an author. My first novel Through Her Eyes came out in 2008 and it was a flop due to the company I was with. It sold great, but I didn't reap any benefits from it. In this industry it's hard to know who to trust.
JLW:  What initially made you want to go into publishing your own work?

KD:  I decided to publish my own work after a bad publishing deal that I got myself into with my first book. I wanted to learn the business the best I could and be my own boss. It took some time,  but I eventually achieved that goal.

JLW:  What would you say is the main thing lacking within the African American Literary Community?

KD:   I would say what's lacking is support from our own kind. It's a shame that many authors won't support each other because they are too busy competing with one another. I could care less what the next author is doing whether they are a big name or not. If I support you it's because I want to, not because someone hyped your book up. Even the greatest writers still have mistakes.

JLW:  What is one thing that your readership doesn't know about you?  
KD:  Hmmm, good question. My readership doesn't know that I dream about my stories prior to writing them. I guess my imagination is just that deep, lol.

JLW:  What are your literary plans for the Summer and Fall of 2013?

KD:  I have three books to complete this Summer and Fall:  I'll Never Tell, If It Ain't Broke, and Hot Like Fire, and that is it for the year. I'm also a screenwriter and film maker. Once I finish writing those books I will start shooting my second film titled Coming Out Of The Dark.

So there you have it:  Krystol Diggs up close and personal!  She will no doubt be featured here again as we find out how she intends to make a name for herself in the film making industry.

Krystol Diggs

Keep it moving Ms. Diggs!  Or rather, keep it moving...forward!!

To find out more about Krystol Diggs and her books, please click on the link to her website below:

~ J.L. Whitehead

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