Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Writer's Megaphone shouts out author E.C. Stilson

E.C. Stilson

I've had the privilege of reviewing author E.C. Stilson's  work on two occasions, and each of those occasions, it was a pleasure to read her work.  Her writing style is light, bordering on whimsical.  Initially, I thought that I would be bored reading her work.  I kept thinking, "Where is the drama?"  "Where is her hook?"

That's when I realized that E.C. had a different way of telling a story and yet still manage to hold your attention.  The drama wasn't hidden in the circumstances as much as it was nestled within the emotions.  When she hurt, I hurt.  When she shed tears, I was tempted to join her.

Ms. Stilson's work isn't for everyone.  For readers that are yearning for murder and mayhem, this author isn't for you.  But for people that want to become immersed in a flowing river of emotions; whether it be sadness, frustration or pain, this author's work may be one to be stored on your bookshelves.

The Writer's Megaphone is proud to shout out author, wife and mother, E.C. Stilson!

To learn more about E.C. Stilson and her work, please visit the website below:


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