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The Writer's Megaphone shouts out author Sharon R. Wells

 Without Permission

Child molestation is a topic that I freely talk about.  Many people don't understand the ramifications of exactly what happens to a child from the moment that they are touched by an adult for sex.  Most times, the child doesn't become aware of the emotional damage that has been done to them until they become an adult, and until then, the pain that they've endured has simply been blended into their everyday existence.  I know of this all too well.

I reviewed Sharon R. Wells book, Without Permission in late 2011.  In this work, she details what happened to her physically and emotionally.  The price that she paid at the early loss of innocence was high, but she turned this into triumph and became the mouth piece for many survivors.

Author Sharon R. Wells
Most people would like to forget what has happened to them.  They feel that they simply need to put the past behind them and live a normal life, not realizing that not only is this what the molester counts on, it is what keeps the victim locked into the role of "victim."

Sharon chronicles her journey as she becomes a young woman and her life spirals into the depths of addiction, despair and failed relationships.  She backs up her findings with statistics and facts by members of the medical community.  As a male abuse survivor, it is important to know that we are no longer victims.  We are not crying or bragging about where we are in life.  We are simply stating what happened to us.  We are saying that it is okay to talk about it.  We are saying that despite our circumstances, we are okay, and that although life is  not perfect for us, it isn't perfect for anyone.

Sharon Wells serves as a light for women everywhere, proving that you can overcome what has been taken from you...without permission!

To order a copy of "Without Permission", click on the link to Angel Wings Publications below:

Excerpts from the interview with Sharon R. Wells

JLW: What was your reason for writing this book?

SRW: I wrote this book to encourage sexual abuse survivors and let them know that they are not alone. Sexual abuse robs victims of their right to be happy and free; victims feel like damaged goods. I don’t want to see anyone go through the pain that I experienced as a sexual abuse victim, it’s so unfair. It was important for me to give them hope and let them know that it’s okay to open up about it. Life does not have to be filled with pain and suffering and it’s a person’s God given right to reclaim their power and love themselves. The guilt and shame that is attached to sexual abuse is what ruins a person’s life. Most times, victims second guess themselves thinking they’ve done something to cause the abuse. People need to feel hope and sexual abuse needs to be brought into the light. There are too many people suffering with the same secret and are too ashamed to tell anyone. My book was written to inspire victims to heal and forgive themselves for something they weren’t responsible for. It was also important for me to allow people to see sexual abuse from all different angles and perspectives. So many people are broken, which may be the reason why they inflict pain upon others. I felt it was helpful to tell the story of an abuser so that people will get a better understanding of who they are. Lastly, it was important for me to share the message about forgiveness. The only way healing will ever begin is by forgiving yourself and others.

JLW: How painful was it for you to write it?

SRW: In the beginning it was very painful for me to have to think about the memories and play the tapes over in my mind. There were many days when I cried about having to confront the issues. I was also angry that the abuse had happened to me. I felt so many emotions; it was as if I was going through a grieving process and experiencing all of the stages of grief. I had a way of burying the memories in the back of my mind and having to revisit them again was like exhuming a dead body.

Read the full review and interview on The Examiner!

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