Monday, August 19, 2013

My Best Friend by J.L. Whitehead

The rain falls in gentle pellets, tapping my window pane.
It reminds me of you - echoing in my heart how lonely I am.
The place across the room where you used to sit is painfully empty,
Who knew that losing something so precious could reverberate a quiet so loudly?

I remember running on the beach with you,
riding up the coast with the wind tossing you in glee.
You had a perpetual smile, encased in deep brown eyes;
and I knew that you loved me unconditionally.

I could always count on you, knowing you had my back,
which is why I cared for you as deeply as I did.
Not a day went by when I didn't say, 'I love you.'
And you didn't have to say a word because they were said through eyes so deep...
eyes that truly saw me.

Sometimes I can still hear the patter of your feet.
And my heart breaks all over again because you aren't really here.
And as the rain continues to fall from darkened skies,
I think how someone could hit you, then leave you.

How could someone take away my best friend,
and shatter my world without a backward glance?
I buried you with saddened eyes and tear-stained cheeks,
with your favorite toy - your favorite blanket - your favorite collar.

~ J.L. Whitehead

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