Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Untitled" by Brian Stark

This one goes out to all the slaves of all form and size.

Not those slaving away--that is a poem for another day. 

Not those whom enslave--that's a poem for Tuesday and every, other day. 

This one goes to out to the most suffering of any one of us. 

And I am saddened to exclaim---people don’t even know you! 

I get messages on Facebook about does child sex slavery really exist! 

I speak about such things and in real life I have Zero friends! 

This one and every other one goes out to them--in hope of Freedom for you.

That the people stop electing corrupt puppets to lead us through these lands! 

O! No this can not be Reality---where could be yet not all free, fed, sheltered---- 

Yet it is---for all---those in bubbles, those who hide, those who cause, and those that die.

Brian Stark

Everyone needs to stand for something.  Everyone deserves the right to be heard as long as the message does not infringe upon the dignity and rights of others.

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~ J.L. Whitehead

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