Saturday, April 27, 2013

Introducing Poet Luella Hill-Dudley

"Just Listen To Me"

Listen to me dude
now we are two black men
where is your dignity at man?
talking out the side of your neck man?
no man I am trying to school you man
on the integrity of black man
don't let them put you in a box man!
I count on you young men to raise the bar
of standard of who we are?
your pigmentation is not your identification
You identify yourself by your characteristic
You identify yourself by the way you enter a room
You identIfy yourself with eye contact
to let them know the man is up!
I need you to set an example to the world
All black brothah's ain't bad
there are still some of us live our lives as men of standard
We may be the boyz out the hood
but the hood is not my definition of who I am!
Nor does your fashion attire
Man pull up your pant
I don't need to be looking at all that
save that for your woman
Man listen to me
sometime people are intimidated
by the present of a black man
because they see the power in us
but we do not execute the power within
so that our young boyz in the hood
have greater choices than running to gangs
to be the place that bridge the gap in their life
Just listen to me man
your are powerful 
in body and mind
use it man! use it!
Just listen to me.

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